The Kissing Bush


Short, hot, and hotter with a side of ha, ha, ha because sexy time should be fun. Filled with searing chemistry, lust, and witty banter all leading up to a satisfying climax.


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Finally, life has given her something interesting to do, or rather, someone interesting to do. Sox has been cooped up for too long with her more than understanding cat, but it is time for her to slip on something sexy and do the adult thing: fake joviality with a bunch of fake friends. Sox finds herself at an unpleasant Independence Day barbeque when she lays eyes on him for the first time. She does not know who he is, but she is willing to cross the board to claim him tonight. He sweeps her off her feet and into the shrubbery for an unforgettable night worth several repetitions.

Would love to tell you more about it, but then this description would be longer than the story. 🙂


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