The radiant Robin has regained her confidence and is ready to take on Brooklyn and a new love with a wary heart that’s still open.


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The building was there with its glass front, everything seemed to be built of windows: ten-foot tall rows of glossy panes stuck between two other brick buildings as everything was in Brooklyn. And if they weren’t careful, people became stuck too. Robin had been stuck. Not sure which direction would lead her to taste her first ounce of victory, and so, she’d been still, despite all of her efforts to stand as tall as a New York town home. And just when she thought she could peep over the heads of her stagnant thoughts and inaction, her foundation had crumbled beneath her. It was then that she became free.

Running from the pain of a bad breakup, she’d done anything and everything to wipe out the memory of his acid words. Words could paint a clearer picture of a person than a paintbrush. She knew because while she was marinating in the darkness, she’d felt compelled to retake her paintbrush, and so obsessed with retaking an activity she actually enjoyed, she began to paint. That was the day that she really began to taste freedom again.

Robin is still reeling from the absolute worst breakup of her entire life, and so, like any self-respecting wine-oholic, she goes on a wild binge to rediscover the woman she was before the heartbreak. But because life is complex, she encounters a very real obstacle on her path to having a loving and healthy relationship built on trust and mutual respect. Will she fall in love again? The potential for love is still creeping around every corner. The problem is, Robin no longer trusts her own judgement when it comes to men, so how will she know if she’s finally met someone who deserves everything she has to give?


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