Bamboo Sticks and Matcha Whisks


When love and art clash, what is the masterpiece that is left behind? This short story will show you what happens when love just isn’t enough.



Her singular goal is to survive art school. But love has a way of ruining everything. Exploring art and beauty, Pum, an artist in school, takes us into a familiar setting, a cozy restaurant, where she sketches the customers as she prepares to finish her art portfolio and graduate from art school. Unbeknownst to her, something would happen to change the course of her relationship for the worst. Still frequenting her favorite booth, things change when she has to go through something that anyone could experience at any time in their lives, heartbreak. Going through a breakup is hard. And it is even harder when you are on a deadline. With the due date for her portfolio looming over her head, Pum is feeling the pressure and not feeling up to meeting it so when she is continually confronted by a cute guy at the restaurant, she is reluctant to become involved with another man. Men were distractions after all, and it is more important for her to finish her portfolio and get out of school with half her wits about her.

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